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Vehicle Armoring Solutions
Introducing BallisTech™. Vehicle Armoring Solutions brought to you by your constant partner, Dana Safety Supply.

For over five decades officers have been saved by soft body armor. For many, strapping that armor on is a step they perform religiously before going on duty. Some, however, choose not to wear a vest. Whether it’s a heavy or bad fitting vest (we can fix both of those problems) armor doesn’t work if you’re not wearing it.

Whether they’re responding to a call, or sitting in a dark parking lot writing reports your officers should be safe in their cruisers. Dana Safety Supply’s Vehicle Armoring Solutions are always there, day in-day out, providing completely invisible protection from threats when they are expected…but most importantly when they’re not.

Discover the difference.
Invisible Protection
Requiring only minimal vehicle modification, our level IIIA glass operates and appears virtually identical to OEM glass, including the ability to roll up and down the side windows…with one massive difference: they provide ballistic protection.
Bullet Resistant Door Panels complete the package.
Paired with Ballistic Glass, Level IIIA interior door panels effectively make your door a shield. In most cases this shield is significantly larger than shields used for tactical entries, allowing you to use your door for cover.
Return fire, one way glass
Our bullet resistant, one way side glass protects you from level IIIA threats while maintaining the ability to actively protect yourself. The advanced design prevents penetrations from the outside in, while allowing you to return fire from the inside out.
On duty peace of mind
BallisTech™ Packages provide your officers with invaluable peace of mind knowing they are constantly protected - allowing them to confidently carry out their duties.

The list goes on and on. Choose ballistic today.

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Make your door your shield
BallisTech™ Glass gives you the protection of a shield without ever having to leave your vehicle. Feel confident knowing that no matter what comes, BallisTech™ has your back – and front!
Return fire, one way glass
Our bulletproof one way glass guarantees your safety while maintaining the capacity to actively protect yourself. The advanced design keeps threats out, while allowing you to secure whatever lies within.
Ballistic Door Panels
Rather than feeling exposed in a critical moment, you can take shelter by relying on your door for cover. Eliminate potential vulnerability and stay safe with confidence!
On duty piece of mind
BallisTech™ Glass provides you with an invaluable peace of mind – allowing you to confidently focus on protecting what is important.

Explore the vehicle armoring options we carry

level IIIa


Two way ballistic performance windshields require minimal vehicle modification and provide excellent coverage from ballistic threats from the front. Virtually indistinguishable from OEM glass once installed. Many police package vehicle fits available.

level IIIA
One Way Glass

Side Glass

One way (return fire capable) side glass still functions like OEM glass, allowing the user to raise and lower the window, while offering coverage from ballistic threats from the side, or allowing the user to stand behind as a shield (door panels recommended). Requires minimal vehicle modification and can be moved from unit to unit in the event a vehicle is decommissioned. Many police package fits available.

level IIIa

Door Panels

Bullet resistant door panels complete the package, allowing the user to utilize the door as a level IIIA Shield. Thin and lightweight, these door panels require no vehicle modification and can be moved from unit to unit in the event a vehicle is decommissioned. Many police package fits available.

level IIIA

The Complete Package

Build your Officers a bullet resistant space that’s ever-present with the full package including Windshield, Side Glass (2) and Door Panels (2). This is the most complete package on the market and is available for most police package vehicles. Call for your custom quote today!

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