Ballistic Helmets

United Shield SPEC OPS Bulletproof Helmet for Law Enforcement and Military, Lightweight, Low Profile Cut, Level IIIA Protection, Unparalleled Peripheral Vision, Uninhibited Hearing and Adaptability to Communications Gear


The Spec Ops Helmet is designed for use by special forces where lightweight and minimal interference to visual and hearing functions are essential. The low profile helmet provides excellent compatibility with communications equipment, gas masks,...

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United Shield SPRINT Bulletproof Helmet for Law Enforcement and Military, NIJ LEVEL IIIA Protection, Integrated universal night vision goggle mount, Picatinny side-rails for tactical gear, Pad liner system


Sprint Bulletproof Helmet The SPRINT Bulletproof helmet is the latest special operations variant combat helmet from United Shield. It is constructed from para aramid material and provides lightweight, robust protection from Bulletproof and fragmentation...

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