Federal Signal 416910-W Head-light or Tail-Light Corner LED System 416900, includes surface mount flange, 12 LED per head, sold as 1

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  • 416910 models are single color and have 12 LEDs
  • 416900 models are dual color and have 6 LEDs of each color (12 LEDs total)
  • Internal and external mounting applications
  • Each model includes light head, in-line flasher cable, black mounting bezel and gasket, gasket for headlight/taillight mounting, and mounting screws (shown below)
    •    19 flash patterns including “Random” and “STEADY”
    •    Two programming modes: MEMORY 1 and MEMORY 2
  • Wiring:
    RED = +VDC for MEMORY 1
    White = +VDC for MEMORY 2
    Black = +Chassis Ground
    Yellow = Synchronization wire for connecting 
        multiple light heads
  • Optional bezels in White and Chrome, sold separately
  • Five-year LED warranty




Corner LEDs are built to withstand some of the harshest elements
The 416900/416910 Corner LEDs are made to stand the most punishing conditions while providing an impressive light output. Each light head is completely sealed to prevent any water ingression, and the system comes with a built-in flasher that is detachable with a weatherproof connector. 
To accommodate multiple mounting applications, both 416900 and 416910 lightheads come with a bezel that conceals the mounting hardware for an appealing look for surface mounting and a gasket that allows for a head lamp installation.  
Multiple options all in one package
The 416900/416910 corner LEDs come with 19 selectable flash patterns and can be programmed to operate independently or sync with multiple light heads. Single-color models are available in Blue, Red, Amber, and White. Dual-color lightheads can flash one color or alternate between each color and are available in combinations of Amber/White, Blue/Amber, Blue/White, Blue/Red, Red/White, and Red/Amber.  



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