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G9 Defense has set the ammunition industry on its ear with their innovative and patented, non-deforming “External Hollow Point” design, creating previously unseen wound cavities while effectively limiting over penetration. This patented technology isn’t something that can just be “said” without some explanation of the “hows and why’s” of this incredible self defense ammunition.

Enter Dana Safety Supply. We recognize excellence when we see it, and jumped on the opportunity to work with this great American company. Our team of trained and dedicated Sales Personnel, most with Law Enforcement and Military backgrounds, can effectively bring this technology to your department. Our Tactical Subject Matter Experts can conduct live fire demonstrations to fully explain how this incredible product line works.

Don’t need a demo and just need ammo? No worries! Take a look below for our IN STOCK ammunition ready for immediate shipment!

Currently we are offering G9 Defense products available for civilian purchase in states where shipment is legal (see shipping policy here). Check back for Law Enforcement purchase only products soon!


Precision Unleashed: G9 Defense External Hollow Point

G9 Defense's external hollow point design delivers unmatched impact with controlled penetration, setting new standards for safety and effectiveness in self-defense and law enforcement ammunition.


Partnership Excellence

Dana Safety Supply amplifies G9 Defense's innovation, combining tactical expertise with cutting-edge ammunition technology for superior defense solutions.


Experience the Impact: Live Demonstrations

Witness G9 Defense's performance advantages through our expert-led live fire demos, showcasing the tangible benefits for tactical and defense applications.


Immediate Availability

G9 Defense offers a selection of immediately available ammunition, catering to civilian and soon, law enforcement needs with no waiting required.

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